The Beer Report
An irreverent take on Beer Podcasting. Two Brothers from Central Illinois take on beers and review them every show. Some shows are completely serious and focus on local and national news/trends. Other shows are a complete lampoon of the arrogant beer nerd attitudes that prevail today.

Oh the humanity!  Groucho and CHUD made this show a few months ago thinking they were being smug and throwing out a few new shows early into 2019...  Well, its the 8th month of 2019 and we are just getting this one out!

We suck.  We know it and dont really give a squirt.  It is what it is...  Shows when we feel like putting them out.  Actually...  Who are we fooling, CHUD has never produced more than one show...  Its all Grouchos fault!

Anywho...  We follow up Roth vs Rollins and bang out this show with a Hog Heaven Barley Wine to see if our flavor receptors have changed over the past 15 years of the show.  If you have been around long enough, you will know we bashed the crap out of this beer eons ago when we were teenagers starting the show!

Along the way we talk about being aging hipsters and what will be the next trend worth investing in?  We stumble into it... So dont get too excited watching where we wander.  

Enjoy!  Thanks for listening!  We might get another one or two out this year!!!


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Sometimes you just need to stop by the Chud's and make a show...  A surprise beer from our cousin, The Doctor, was a good enough reason for us.

On this show...

  1. Groucho is too low on the Mic...  Sorry!
  2. We solve one of the greatest mysteries of our time...  Who is Henry Rollin's ultimate foil...  We have decided that it must be David Lee Roth.  They were both on Joe Rogan in recent history, and it drew Groucho to relisten to the Rollin's show after hearing Roth.  They are the same brand of crazy...  Its awesome, inspiring and scary!
  3. There is a lot more than this... But you'll just have to listen.

Oh, and yeah... This should be ep 97... But 97 is laying on the cutting room floor as this one is being pushed out sooner.  We will release 97 sooner than later.

Beer on the show...  Apple Cider Donut Sour IPA by Hudson Valley Brewing Company in a Crowler.  Seek it out!

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Its only 2 months since we recorded last... Groucho and CHUD did sit down for an epic drink at the end of December. Here are the results of that!


Beers on the show: Higher Math by Dogfishhead Brewing, Goose Island Bourbon County 2010 (bottle 1944)


On the show:

  • Jazz and George Clinton Beer?
  • Groucho has cheated on the CHUD
  • We solved the craft beer issue in Central Illinois! Your welcome!
  • Shout out to "Pints and Provisions"... Another Peoria Beer Podcast
  • Reminiscing about The Good Beer Show and JeffryT.
  • Heineken has parallels to The Ford Assembly Line
  • Peoria Beer Nerd drama?
  • The Cubicle of Death - CHUD's secret Facebook group about Death Metal.
  • CHUD lost the riddle of steel!
  • Anyone have an Alexa in their house... Good for you!
  • We have a million dollar idea. The Phone Box!
  • Its hard to dump a body these days!
  • Russians are Missourians at heart!
  • We used the R word... Sorry.
  • Living in the trees of California... Thats plumb crazy!
  • Deer wasting disease.
  • Dadding with a Teenage daughter? Groucho Laments! Podcast Dads, Jeff and Spoon... I can be your icebreaker.
  • Uber and Drugs.
  • Its not my birthday. TMBG gag when we had CD players.
  • Groucho beats down the telemarketers. Its a moral choice!
  • CHUD almost starts a rant about racism... Socialism... God knows what!
  • Bubble bath??? Text from the CHUDLETTE
  • Bath Salts! A nine dollar bath????
  • Petcentric?
  • Best Beer Ever??? CHUD declares that Bourbon County as a title contender!

Feedback? Bah.... We dont care! Thanks for listening!




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I am not sure if we have done this in eons... Had a few beers during daylight hours and recorded. Consider this a fluke event!

Groucho and CHUD sit down to some new and old IPA's and dig out some anger from Groucho that has built up after seeing untalented women attempt to paint at the local bar.

Beers on the show: La Cumbre Elevation IPA, O'Fallon 5 Day IPA with a Chinook dryhop addition (from CHUDS wedding firkin!), Groucho's Mouth Full of Pennies IPA.

On the show:

  1. Soundscan Figures.
  2. Supermodel Vaginal Beer
  3. Alaska!
  4. BBC pseudo science documentary about the super volcano in Yellowstone.
  5. Groucho fishes!  Coor's Light in hand.
  6. CHUD is a mountain hater.
  7. CHUDco farms?  Suggestions for crops?
  8. Great American Beer Festival...
  9. Homeless Hoopmaster call out!!!
  10. 8 year old IPA.
  11. Garlic and Goats?
  12. Vino and Van Gogh...  Groucho nearly strokes out with rage.
  13. Suicide attempt averted in the Pacific Northwest...
  14. Ruthless Groucho.
  15. Social Media.
  16. Concert stage at CHUDco farms?  The new Woodstock?
  17. McDonald's French Fries will cure baldness?
  18. Groucho has another Podcast???
  19. Our best Robin Williams imitations?  A Wish for Wings that Work shout-out.
  21. The REAL community is your local community...  Get off the internet!
  22. Layers...  Midwestern Layers.
  23. Podcast reviews...  Bill Burr Monday Morning Podcast.  Adam Corolla Show.   Tom Pappa Love.
  24. Sorry Adam... I'm not paying for the Master Course.
  25. Penny dreadful IPA.
  26. The Peoria Podcast Initiative.
  27. Mormons...  Don't listen to this show please.
  28. Plug for CHUD to do a Drunken Lullabies show.

Thanks for listening!

Le Cumbre beer donated by a friend of the show.



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Don't count us out!  Groucho and CHUD find a bit of time to sit down and knock out a quick, one beer show.   Can we call it a one beer show when the brew in question is a "Near Beer"?

It was also a chance for us to talk Bourdain.  We have been blown away by the suicide of Anthony Bourdain and it still eats at us that a guy that we all looked up to and idolized would throw it all away.  CHUD and Groucho talk it over and try to make some sense of it.. But also pay tribute to what is his legacy.

Beer on the show:  Bravus IPA

On the show:

  1. New equipment for recording?
  2. Auto racing in Florida.
  3. Groucho tries to get CHUD to identify that the beer is missing alcohol!!!!
  4. A little love for the "Near Beer"
  5. Anthony Bourdain and how his influence led to shows like ours.
  6. Guy thing?
  7. Hemmingway comparison?
  8. New place in Pekin?  Long overdue!  West Dublin Pub.
  9. Love for Maquets Railhouse.
  10. Bloomington is pissing CHUD off!
  11. So much brewery action in Bloomington Normal!!!  Keg Grove... Little Beaver...  White Oaks.  My God Central Illinois.  Drink some local beer...  Somethings going to bust and dont realize the embarrassment of riches you have right now.
  12. Kemp's Upper Tap love!  If your near Lexington... Get there!
  13. CHUD hates midwest resturant service!
  14. Managers!!!  Stop expediting!
  15. Flood warning!
  16. Bourdain might have liked this show???  lol.  The "what-if's" are very plausable!
  17. Groucho is not cleaning the turkey!

Thanks for listening!  Lets hope its a shorter span before the next show!

Beer on the show provided by PJ...  The man...  The myth...  The legend.   Thanks for the brew!

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Its been too long!  Groucho brings the gear box over the CHUD's stately manor to create a nearly produced recording.  We have new Microphones... So, fine tuning will need to be worked on.

Beers on the show:  Alaskan Husky IPA, Revolution Amarillo IPA, Cooper's Australian IPA, 2017 Stone Xocoveza Mexican Hot Chocolate Stout, 2013 Goose Island Bourbon County Stout.

On the show:

  1. WCHD - Podcasting from the CHUD's house.
  2. No Zoom recording tonight.
  3. Changes at the CHUD house.
  4. 3 Floyds Brewery expansion?  Point - Counterpoint.  Bloomington has 4 breweries???
  5. Bearded Owl praise.  State and Water corner is a winner.
  6. Stone suing Keystone?
  7. No more "Metal" readings?
  8. Frank Lloyd Wright is overrated!!!???!!!
  9. The CHUD rants!
  10. The CHUD rants again.

Two rants in one show...  Thats a feat not accomplished by TBR in a few years!  Way to go CHUD!

Beers on the show mostly picked up at Broadway Liquors in Pekin Illinois.  Support your local beer store!


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Possibly the most frequent guest on the TBR is our superfan PJ.  He is nearly acquired the title as guest-host!  Its fine by us... He does a great job holding up this episode. 

Groucho, as usual, is running around somewhere in the United States and finds out that PJ is close by and wants to do a show.  

Recorded in the Dallas Airport Hyatt lobby bar... It doesn't get much better than that!  Does it?  Groucho is thinking of doing a few episodes with folks with his remote setup, and will call those "One for the Road".  Look for more episodes like this in the future.

Direct download: One_For_the_Road_01_-_PJ_in_Dallas.mp3
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Pod-fade???  Not us!  (Though, Groucho does lie awake at night having nightmares about such things)  Groucho and CHUD!!! Back in the saddle again for an honest to goodness TBR.

Beers on the show:  Clown Shoes Pecan Pie Porter, Real Ale Brewing Belgian Tripel Ale, Destihl Adam Bier, Revolution Brewing Un-session-able Imperial IPA.

On the show:

  1. Groucho has been passed around by other guys...  He's feeling dirty.
  2. Billy Crystal imitations.
  3. Clown Shoes puns...  Wow.
  4. CHUD's taste-buds have healed since the accident.
  5. Ghost noises.
  6. CHUD's working on a children's book.
  7. The "Horse accident".
  8. The settlement...  The destination Wedding...  Sandals resort in Jamaica.
  9. Chicken Blood vows.
  10. Meier chat.  People still go there in Bloomington Normal?
  11. Why Amazon will rule the world.
  12. Best Man talk.
  13. California love from Groucho.
  14. Any Jeff Galuli of South Pekin?
  15. CHUDlette needs her herring treats.
  16. The riding crop incident.
  17. Flat Earther's and the ilk are becoming annoying.
  18. Litmus test for going to the creationist museum?
  19. Local news interviews for the CHUD?  Selling the outrage!
  20. Dali Lama lottery for the CHUDlette.
  21. Groucho and CHUD doing the Instagram video thing...  Instagram:  thebeerreport
  22. Slamming the Irish for their stance on Abortion.
  23. Tom Petty talk.
  24. Brian Wilson... Beach Boys...  Sgt Pepper...  The Doors and Jimmy Hendrix.
  25. 1967... Greatest year for music?
  26. Queen.
  27. Marilyn Manson talk.    Marc Maron Podcast talk.
  28. Songs for Drella... Warhol and old school work ethics.
  29. The Double Album conundrum.  Frankie say relax?
  30. Tannin's and Hops love.
  31. Superduper Dog IPA.  TeeWinks?  We still think of you... Late at night....  ick!
  32. No more pink BMW for Bianca.

Thanks for playing along... More shows with the CHUD need to happen!!!  We are working on this!!!

No sponsors for these beers... We do not pander...  We do not pull punches.  These brewers are great and we did not expect any bad beers...  But heaven help those bad ones that we might find.


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The industry is in flux this week, and Groucho takes the show on the road to visit with fellow beer nerd and head chef at Harvest Cafe, Kyle.   We review all the news of the day and talk a lot about local venues that have opened...  And closed!!!  

Beers on the show:  Hand of Fate - Coffee Vanilla Dream Ale, Revolution Anti-Hero (Less than two weeks old!)  2013 Northcoast Old Stock Ale.  

  • The sale of Anchor Brewing to Sapporo.
  • Constellation brands buys Funky Buddha
  • Maytag Blue Cheese fortune!   
  • Overvaluation, Blue-sky and the growing bubble!
  • Groucho's microphone problems!  Alesis mixer reboot!
  • Budweiser is Ford?  
  • Destihl article in Paste Magazine.
  • Peoria Brewing Company closing down.  We need a brewery in Peoria!
  • The Mr Beer Challenge!
  • New beers arriving weekly in Peoria!
  • CHUD... Groucho apologizes!
  • Kevin's an *sshole!
  • Shelf space is a premium!
  • Tannin's and Hops.  New opening in Peoria.
  • Small Pours...  Groucho's favorite thing!  Destihl Brewery and Pour Brothers in the Heights can be a great bargain.
  • Pour Brothers.  Love is issued!
  • Northcoast Old Stock ale is killing it!
  • Interlude with Groucho while Kyle grabs a cleanup rag.
  • Kyle has never met the CHUD.
  • Mr Beer Challenge, a review.
  • Peoria Brewing company talk... Again.
  • Obed and Issac's, a conversation! 
  • Flying Dog talk!
  • Make room for the new thing!!!  
  • Kyle the mule!
  • No splicing!

Thanks to the Harvest Cafe for hosting this "Very Special" Episode!

Look for a completely disjointed drunkfest show after this!


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Beers on the show: Russian River Pliney the Elder, Alchemist Brewing Heady Topper, New Galarus No Coast Pale Ale,

Recorded at the "Swinging Single Pad" of Alex and Drews.

  • The Pliney mystique.
  • Beatbox?
  • Whats your favorite podcast Alex?
  • 120 letdown?
  • Shoe Nice????
  • Showry.  Groucho's YouTube crush.
  • Spotted Cow... Overrated?  Yuengling?
  • Bourbon County night at Maquets.
  • Autocross Talk...  The show takes a turn!
  • Finding a helmet big enough for Groucho's noggin!
  • No CHUD tonight!
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How does this happen?

Groucho just happens to be driving through Las Vegas the same day that Superfan PJ is flying in for a 2 day work trip???  Kismet according to PJ!

Groucho and PJ hang at the local craft beer bar and have some great beers along with some conversation about whiskey tastings and cigars.  

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Yeah...  Its everything your expecting...  Fun giggles...  Awkward moments...  And a horrible crash.  

Then...  Groucho and CHUD run out of beer.  

This one is a dandy!  Enjoy!

Beer on the show:  All Day IPA by Founders Brewing Company in a tallboy can!

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We are at Studio CHUD for a 2 beer show.  We use the stand alone microphone method of recording and get a real good feel for what its like to podcast at the dining room table with a 1 year old in the house!  The Chudlet is a star!  

Beers on the show:  Sun King Osiris Pale Ale and Half Acre Gone Away IPA.

On the show:

  1. Trump and Fake News.
  2. Twitter Activism.
  3. Liberal Tea Party?
  4. CHUD says read up on Bolsheviks and Nazis.  He then lays out the story of Osiris of the cuff.  He can do that!
  5. SNL skits with Melissa McCarthy nail it.  The rest of SNL sucks though.
  6. Check out the videos from Drunken Lullabies on our Facebook page.
  7. Podcasts still sucks!  Groucho cant find much to listen too.
  8. Joe Rogan Experience with Henry Rollins.  The best show ever?  CHUD says no.
  9. Jordan Peterson...  Maps of Meaning.  CHUD's book of the week.
  10. Shout out to JeffryT from the Good Beer Show.
  11. Where was your first beer?
  12. Beer Beer Cars Beer

Sun King provided by Superfan IRISH...  Half Acre picked up at Broadway Liquors in Pekin Illinois!


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Here is a gem from the end of last year.  Groucho brought back a couple "Crowlers" from the Stone World Brewing Headquarters in Escondido California last fall.  We drank these beers very quickly after arrival back to Central Illinois .  This is the second show from that night... We got a little rocked and you can tell by the end of this one!

Beer on the show:  Stone Jerkemon Go.

On the show:

  1. Crowler?  Can I get a definition please?
  2. Pokemon Go...  The future of our lives?
  3. The Wally Chair!
  4. TBR on the local radio?
  5. This beer is delicious!  Groucho says its flat after a week... CHUD says its good.
  6. Sweaty Betty.  "This beer tastes like sour corn!"
  7. The Schlafly Beer Dinner was the best beer dinner ever?  Stephen Hale was special guest at Harvest Cafe.
  8. Bloomington Normal News.  Destihl love.  Beercade in Normal?  Fatjacks is not CHUD's favorite place on the weekends.
  9. Odabed and Issac's...  Groucho needs to check it out.
  10. Skinny pants?  CHUD loves them!
  11. The hangover prayer vigil.  Worship Stone.
  12. Internet sovereignty?  THEBEERREPORT.COM
  13. Fake News? Oh God! Yes, we talk about it.  Facebook Manipulation of the news for their algorithm testing.
  14. Fish are not screwing because of your antidepressants Seattle!
  15. The Greatest Generation would have kicked your ass!
  16. Groucho is a paid writer.
  17. Dad talk about infants.
  18. Family role models?  Where have they gone?
  19. The new Pee Wee movies is hate filled according to CHUD.
  20. The Amish are multiplying.  So Sayeth the CHUD.
  21. Ron Paul Seed garden would not have helped John Goodman in Cloverfield Lane.
  22. Meandering and dishing on Iron Maiden and other assorted topics fill the show out.

Beer on the show purchased at Stone Brewery.  You owe it to yourself to get there!


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Corporate Shills?  Not us.  This is one of those rare times when we try out a beer that has been sent to Beer Report Studios.  It sounded interesting and was close enough to justify a little "pimping" by the show.  You should be able to find this at any liquor depot in the Northwoods of the upper Midwest.  It appears to be readily available.  Enjoy.

You all should be thanking Groucho for the edit on this show.  We clocked in a show that was 70 minutes before the chopping began.  The politics of the minute were not compelling enough to listen to for me... So I sure as shit was not going to lay that on you!  Your welcome!  Just know this.  We are both Independents and hope that both sides can work together to get something done in this country!

Beers on the show:  Pearl Street Brewery Linalool, 10 Barrell Brewing Company JOE IPA, St Peters English Porter.

On the show:

  1. Why Groucho does not shill.
  2. Mudvayne talk until Groucho shuts CHUD down.
  3. 2016 Election Commentary.
  4. Beer Advocate.  Shoot me now!
  5. Podcasting makes us self righteous beer snobs?
  6. Groucho's Trail Repair.
  7. Tantric?  Is that a sexual thing?
  8. Studio A memories.
  9. End of politics talk for the year!

Thanks to Pearl Street Brewing for donating the Linalool.  10 Barrel beer was picked up at random liquor store in Colorado.  St Peters picked up at Friar Tuck in Peoria IL.



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Direct download: tbr87.mp3
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TBR 86 - Crowler

Groucho comes back from San Diego and brings back some fresh Stone Brewing Beer.  Not Arrogant Brewing...  That would be confusing.  Wait a second... That is confusing!  What the Hell are they doing out there in Escondido with the brewery names???   Thats for a different show.  

Anyway.  Groucho brings back a "crowler" of Stone Brewing Ripper IPA. Its a great way to start a new string of shows!  

This show was recorded on International Podcast Day, September 30th 2016.  For whatever that is worth!

On the show:

  1. Crowler??? 
  2. San Diego Homecoming of sorts?
  3. Groucho cant pour a beer!
  4. Kevin's excuses to abandon us do not hold water.
  5. Flashback...  Dude Night Podcast and some TBR history.
  6. Stone Brewing Restaurant is great for kids.
  7. Lost Abbey Tequila Farmhouse Ale.  Amazing.  Seek it out.
  8. Groucho's love of the 5oz sample.
  9. 32 North Brewing gets us a beer on the house.
  10. Little Miss Brewing.
  11. Groucho has forgotten how good a Pliny is.
  12. Watermelon Dorado gets bashed again...  Sorry... Cant refrain.
  13. International Podcast Day 2016 - Wave your freak flags people!
  14. Podcast life skills.
  15. Political Talk.  Debate Talk.
  16. "Trump was on coke" says the Chud.
  17. Election predictions?
  18. We wind the show up in politics...  Sorry!  
  19. Chud doesnt dig the Stone as much as Groucho.
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After a great step forward in the recording of episode 3, we take 2 steps back!

We tried 2 microphones, and the gain ran amuck! While it had crossed our minds to scrap this whole recording, there are a few bits that make it redeeming.

See manifest below.

  • Beer of comment: Old Speckled Hen, Flying Dog Pale Ale, Hobgoblin and Rolling Rock.
  • Ms. "Drunk Dial" calls up little CHUD for a little cross country nookie.
  • Calling all other TRHH listeners "out"


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Groucho sits down with Kevin (Harvest Cafe), Kyle (RJ Distributing Cicerone) and Stephen Hale (Schlafly Brewing Company Brewer) at the Harvest Cafe before their beer dinner with Schlafly Brewing.

This one starts off a bit slow...  I think that comes with Groucho not having warmed up with several beers and doing the show at the end of the night as we normally do.  Stephen Hale from Schlafly is probably one of the best guests we have ever had on the show, and its a shame we only had 39 minutes of interview time.  Next time we are gunning for that 4 hour show about all things happening in the brewing world.

Heres the biggest shame in this episode...  Its recorded before dinner.  You cant even imagine how good Chef Terry's dinner was.  It was one of the best dinners I have done with any brewery or restaurant.  That is saying a lot.  Kudo's to Harvest Cafe for putting on an excellent event and bringing together The Beer Report, Kyle and Stephen for this show.

On the show:

  1. The Kilt!
  2. Owning the St. Louis market.
  3. Lawn mower beer.
  4. Kolsch Education.
  5. Glassware talk.
  6. Groucho slams Watermelon Dorado by Ballast Point.  See, I didn't edit this out Kyle!
  7. Beer Bubble!
  8. Distribution Philosophy.

You can get Schlafly beers at most decent liquor stores in Illinois and parts of the Midwest.  Yeah, Stephen spelled it out... We are special here...  And some of you cant get their stuff!

Theme song as always by Too Much Joy.  "Drunk and In Love".  Better than any top 40 song of the same name.  Word is... Tim Quirk and the boys were recording a few weeks ago.  This could be a glorious year if we hear something new from them.

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TBR 84

Beer on the show: 2013 Goose Island Bourbon County Barley-wine.

On the show:

  1. The Bourbon County Rage.
  2. Chud's cellaring philosophy.
  3. PABN.  (Secret Handshake required)  Whats up with the chugging?  CHUD recommends burning dollar bills.
  4. Consistency is an accomplishment!  80% of success is attendance?  Who said that?
  5.  Axel Rose sitting.
  6. The new Tick series.  Griffin Newman who plays Arthur let us down!
  7. Marc Maron Podcast and Show.
  8. Gary Schandling tribute.
  9. Goo Goo Doll's...  John Mayer...  Not Jack Johnson!!!  Dave Matthews Band?
  10. Buffalo Wild Wings...  Hooters girls in Peoria...  Sad times.
  11. Arrogant Bastard cans?
  12. Boston.
  13. Fireball???  Why?
  14. Meat sweats.
  15. Aftershock is a hookup lock!  In 1997 at least!
  16. Tindr...  Yeah...  What do two married guys know about this?
  17. Chud digging on Frank Zappa...  Then comparing it to South Park.
  18. Trump, Clinton...  OMG.  Sanders?
  19. Fracking.  Groucho and CHUD break it down non-scientifically.
  20. The Future...
  21. Dont use self check.  Dont use restaurants that use robots.  Use businesses that support local jobs.
  22. If your going to be a sh*tbag... Your going to reap the rewards.  The moral of Krampus.
  23. A last dash of CBR love.

This lovely beer purchased in Pekin Illinois at Broadway Liquors.  Tell them the Beer Report sent you... They will probably ask you WTF that means!


Direct download: tbr84.mp3
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TBR83 Its been a while since we sat down for a PURE Beer Report...  Finally, Groucho and CHUD sit down and have a few beers and ramble about all things common and uncommon about art, Pekin and beer. TBR 82?  Its a smattering of Facebook videos from the Peoria Beerfest... We will see what we can make of those later. Beers on the show: Leinenkugel Grapefruit Shandy, 3 Floyd's Yum Yum, Cathedral Square Brewing. On the show:

  1. Long time out of TBR studios saddles!
  2. The Shandy Style.  Groucho lays it out for you newbies!
  3. Hot chicks like fruity beers!
  4. Fragglerock reference?
  5. The sad truth of Zika.
  6. The Sprecher Brewery tour.
  7. PBC upheaval.
  8. My Little Brony.
  9. The gender thing and raging hormones of children.
  10. LGBT bathrooms.
  11. 3 Floyds vs Illinois seems like constant drama.
  12. Dark Lord Day 2016...  The horror story.
  13. 30 second lecture on the value of art.
  14. The token PJ mention.
  15. PABN...  Groucho might get evicted for mentioning the groups existence.
  16. The DLD arrest story.
  17. Gambling machines... The scourge of Illinois.
  18. Internet...  Is it bad or good?  2 pod-casters discuss.
  19. Ballast Point Dorado... With Watermelon.  Groucho rates is a ZERO!
  20. Shoutout to Drunken Lullabies...  Dustin and the gang are knocking out shows.
  21. Destihl love.
  22. CHUD hits Pekin for a night on the town after watching wrestling in Peoria.
  23. 64oz of sadness.
  24. Friend's bar in Pekin.
  25. Do Lutherans have Saints?
  26. Karaoke... White trash entertainment?
  27. Russia and Missouri have a lot in common.  We would probably get along great with redneck Russians.
  28. Art break!  Graphic Novel talk.
  29. Ignorance is bliss.
  30. CHUD will not tweet!

Summer Shandy purchased anywhere in the Midwest...  Yum Yum picked up at a small liquor store in Attica Indiana...  Cathedral Street picked up at Friar Tuck Bloomington.    

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TBR 81 - Prebeerfest Breakfast

Hey... When its the day of the beerfest, where are you gonna eat breakfast???  A the Fox Pub of course!  Matt Rixner and his crew always serve up an amazing English breakfast on Saturdays, and its a great base layer before hitting the VIP tent.

On this show, Groucho, Chud and TBR Photographer Ken eat, drink and talk about:

  • Periscope
  • LinkdIn.  Whats the point?
  • Richard Branson has now clue about the struggle anymore.
  • Trump?
  • Democracy Now protests.
  • The internet is ruining us as a civil society.
  • Lets talk about our food...  Visualize with us!
  • Ken's Egg theory.

Make sure to check out our other recordings from this years Peoria International Beerfest!  

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Groucho gets the invite to hang in Delavan at Harvest Cafe and taste a couple of great Point Brewing beers to get us ready for Summer...  Then Kevin rolls out some secret beers and a massive BBQ plate to round everything out!

CHUD is home with the Chudlette and could not make the recording!  Hopefully, this is one of very few shows ever recorded without him!

Also on the show is Kyle from RJ Distributing.  He is the second Cicerone in the Peoria area.  We enjoy some banter between Kyle and Kevin later in the show as they discuss tap politics.

The show is over an hour!  Sorry.  You do need to stick around and hear about selfies with Auggie Busches exhumed body.  Just saying.

Beers on the show:  Point Brewing Session pale Ale, Point Brewing Siesta Key Pale Ale, Goose Island Sophie, Deschutes Disadent 2015 Reserve,  New Holland Vinilla Chia Dragons Milk.

On the show:

  1. Cicerone program.
  2. Fresh beer!
  3. Julian (Spell?) dates.
  4. Two week old beer!
  5. Porch Pounder???  Who coined that one?
  6. Cuban party with these Point beers?
  7. Kevin is the king of hugs!
  8. Groucho's history lesson on his first visit to Harvest Cafe.
  9. Bourbon Barrel GI mistakenly priced.
  10. Shoutouts to local small bars...   Haynes on Main, Maquets and Kemps.
  11. No CHUD tonight!
  12. Kevin's BBQ life lessons.  Make your kid the "Mop Boss".
  13. Harvest Cafe fresh spring produce.
  14. The farm to table.  The real deal!
  15. The middle of everywhere...  Delavan IL.
  16. Bacteria!  The endless battle!
  17. Drink with your nose!
  18. Cheers Amy.
  19. Groucho gets to Soapbox.
  20. Fat Tire 25th Anniversary Beer Dinner at Harvest Cafe.  Mark your calender's.  JUNE 21ST!!!! (Groucho, take your foot out of your mouth!)
  21. Sentimental Beer.
  22. Coor's Banquet Beer gets a shout out!
  23. Kevin will not let the show end!!!!   More beer!
  24. BBQ Night at the Harvest Cafe!
  25. Halibut served with smashed Potatoes and local Ramps garnished with edible flowers.
  26. Kevin is becoming a foodie.
  27. Pork "Three times".
  28. We all miss Grandpa Johns in Peoria.
  29. Kemp's in Lexington talk edited out to protect ourselves from litigation!
  30. Kevin's love for Notre Dame.
  31. Breakfast at Harvest.
  32. Jess, one of our "Number Ones".
  33. Have you ever had a bad beer event...  Kevin answers all.
  34. Beer-tap wars.
  35. August Busches dead body would move some Budweiser at Harvest Cafe.
  36. Re-Grand Opening of the Exchange on April 9th!  Come down and check it out!
  38. THANK YOU KYLE from RJ Distributing.

Beers on the show are mostly Kevin's private selections saved up for this dinner.

See you at the 2016 Peoria Jaycee's Beerfest!

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TBR 79

Welcome to 2016!

Groucho and CHUD sit down with an extra special bottle of DeStihl Reserve Ale.  Thanks to Shane!

On the show:

  1. We are fresh out of ideas...  We posted some questions on the Facebook page asking for ideas.
  2. Sours are the new IPA's???
  3. Groucho's tweet war.  @peorialawyer will get a tweet from Groucho in 3 years.
  4. CHUD...  Still like that Trump guy?
  5. Lemmy is dead!
  6. Glenn Campbell documentary.
  7. State of craft beer after the revolution.
  8. January 29th... Get with Groucho and CHUD at the VIP area and lets talk craft beer!
  9. New Brewery/PUB in Peoria...  Groucho gets flamed for being skeptical.
  10. A new podcast in Pekin!!!! Drunken Lullabies!  
  11. Don't make me sue you!
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TBR 78 D2E2

Beer on the show: Real Ale Sysaphis 2014

Thanks to PJ for this great beer from Real Ale in Texas.

On the show:

  • CHUDtone
  • Iggy Pop overrated?
  • Super Sweet?
  • Ladies...  The soothing sounds of CHUDtones wash over you.
  • Scorched Mother Earth.  We were idiots.  Mother Earth Brewing.
  • Criticism...  Can you deal with it?
  • Sysaphis was the dude who would lose it at the top of the mountain.  Damn Greeks!
  • D2E2
  • 10 year life lessons learned in beer podcasting.
  • Groucho learned the value of 40 hours work.
  • If you drink and are a *sshole...  Your a real *sshole in the real world!
  • CHUD's lesson:  The Girl at the record store is not your dream date.
  • CHUD's lesson 2:  Learn to breath through your balls????
  • Grouchos Lesson 2:   There is an evil man underground who will poke you for eternity.
  • CHUD lesson 3:  If you dont like your spouses friends...  Your relationship will not last.
  • The F'ing General Lee.  Groucho's take on it.
  • CHUD loves Atlanta!

Ok... that last part might be a stretch... Apparently Atlanta and CHUD have issues!

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TBR 10th Anniversary Show

10 years kids!  Who would have thought that Groucho and CHUD could start a little show in July 2005 and keep it going consistently (fairly) for the last ten years.  Certainly not us! 

Beers on the show:  "Weez" and "Mean Old Tom" by Maine Brewing Company. 

On the Show:

  1. Jakyl intro!
  2. The Drunk Dial.
  3. The Names:  Groucho & CHUD.
  4. 10 years of progress in Craft Beer in Central Illinois.
  5. Gravyfest Shoutout!
  6. YouTube.
  7. Broadway Liquors sustained the show the first three years.
  8. Biaggi's review from years ago.
  9. Farm to Table in Central Illinois is finally coming!
  10. Live from Gravyfest!  Bubby and Doc.
  11. CHUD Rant!  Whats gone wrong with the world in the last 10 years!
  12. Trump?
  13. Bloom County is Back!!!!
  14. VHS games!!!
  15. Groucho's guilt.  TBR confessions!
  16. Grapefruit Shandy!  Killer Leinie!
  17. The Future of TBR!
  18. KITH Quote!
  19. To Reg!
  20. Shoutout to Superfans!
  21. CHUD's favorite episode:  4
  22. Still embarrassed about mocking Avery Hog Heaven.
  23. One last shoutout to Jeff and Greg at Craftbeer Radio...  And a promise to podcast longer!

Now... If you listened all the way through, you might be questioning the resolve of the owners of this show to be the beer crazed nuts that we have been in the past.  We still love beer... We still love hanging out with each other...  But the fact of the matter is...  CHUD now has a life as well!  Its going to be hard to pretend that we can get away with this much bad behavior forever!  We will still be out and about.  We will still hang and record.  But, events and launches are back burner events at this point. 

PLEASE GOD...  Isn't there anyone else in Peoria Beercasting to fill the void???  Kinda shocking that there is not!  There seems to be a beer podcast in every town over 30,000 people!

Beers purchased at some cool co-op in Vermont.  Thanks to the "dude" for help grabbing some cool beer!


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Todd and Christian host us again!  The brewery is revisited after getting up and going!  Groucho and CHUD visited with Todd and Christian 9 months ago when the old paint store building was just a cold warehouse covered in dust.  Today, we go back on a "Mug Club" day to find a production brewery filled with people, music and food on the patio.  What a transformation!  The show is long, I realize that, but we do get into a lot of brewery business items at all times during the show, and I felt like it was not easily cut.  Remind me to do 2 shows next time!

Apologies ahead of time...  Todd was on a different Microphone and over-modulated to start the show.  (Groucho forgot the 4th mic)  It gets better a few minutes in.  Its like herding cats when you do a podcast with 4 people!

  1. Groucho and CHUD do some but kissing!
  2. Criticism? How do you deal with that?
  3. Stevie Nicks talk leads into Kim Deal, leads into CB talk!
  4. Craftbeer Week 2015?
  5. Mainstream beer philosophy.  Session ales abound.
  6. Whats popped up that you didn't expect?
  7. Managing a bar?
  8. CHUD's pirate management book.  Publishing soon!
  9. Janet Jackson?
  10. The hours worked.... Biggest surprise.
  11. Todd is not trusted to run the "till".
  12. Adam praise!
  13. Rothgar infamy beer.
  14. Sharing the experience makes the beer better.
  15. Todd is always sick!
  16. Pink Eye Saison.  Scott Bayo Saison?
  17. We control our own destiny!  Everyday you work in a brewery is a good day!
  18. Road show!
  19. Brains and Brawn!
  20. Where does the Rock Island Trail go?
  21. Are you happy you are on Pioneer Park?
  22. Mug Club!
  23. Beer as a business.  Brewers Distributing.
  24. Ran?  Sorry... Thought they were bikers!
  25. Rothgar commentary!
  26. Hefe!  They have a Hefeweizen!
  27. Josh Lanning and the beer dinner at the Fox Pub.  Marrow!!!
  28. THE FUTURE:  What does it hold for PBC?
  29. This summer...  Bands!  Madison Ward and the Momma Bear.  Belly Dancers.  Yoga and a flight!
  30. The Golf Room.
  31. Peoria Brewing smack talk.
  32. Food?  Its in the future for the bar.
  33. There are a few Mug Club spots open right now!  You get:  Shirt, new beers, copper mug, special bi annual events.
  34. "Dale"!  The PBC equivalent of Norm.
  35. What happens at PBC, stays at PBC!

Find Peoria Brewing Company beers at any fine drinking establishment with great beers on tap in the middle of Illinois!  Seek them out!


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Groucho is back for the final wrap up on the audio show for this years Peoria Beerfest and commentary on American Craftbeer Week 2015.  We then move on to clips from the festival VIP tent with Groucho & CHUD.

Get to Peoria in late April for this Festival and be prepared to have a blast!

On the show:

  • Intro by Groucho with love for his local Peoria/Bloomington bars and restaurants that stepped it up for this years Craftbeer Week.
  • Groucho & CHUD talk Peoria Beerfest.
  • Belching Beaver Beer.
  • Losing your head?
    Stone Brewing Theodors.
    Audio fail!
    Interview: Jennifer Ritter of the Peoria Jaycees. (at 9:00)
    Explore Peoria Video... Jennifer killed it!
  • Do the VIP Tent!
  • Northcoast Brewing Company J Marie.
  • Interview:  Ken Chiu (Official TBR Photographer) (at 12:48)
  • Breakfast at the Fox Pub before the Beerfest!!!  Lets pack the Fox next year!
  • Fried Toast!
  • Groucho drops an F Bomb!
  • Kudos to Pat Hartzler from Brewers Distributing for all his acquisitions at the VIP tent.
  • More F Bombs.
  • Pat Hartzler is not pulled through on the audio show...  Hoping to pull through to video clips.
  • Interview Luke Heminover (at 18:30)
  • The Champagne Room at the VIP Tent.
  • Who are the Jaycees?
  • Trending, #Heminover
  • Interview Steve King (at 21:45)
  • Steve King verified the "Oldest Beerfest" with All About Beer.
  • VIP Aftermath.
  • Three Floyds Black Heart
  • Interview Matt Rixner (at 24:00)
  • Alchemist Heady Topper.
  • "Wife...  Wife...".
  • More swearing... We are sorry!  Toast should never have that kind of language associated with it!
  • Ken is back.
  • Wrapup with Chud and Ken enjoying the Topper.

The VIP tent is a great way to start the day the Jaycees Beerfest!  See you there next year!


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Whats going on Thursday?  

Tartan Inn is giving away a guitar!

Friday Night:

  • Beer Cruise on the Spirit of Peoria
  • Deschutes Tap Takeover at Fox Pub & Cafe
  • Lakefront Tap Takeover at Fieldhouse Peoria


  • Gutbuster 5K and Mini Beerfest at UFS
  • Homebrewer day with Destihl and the Hop Shop
  • North Peoria Beerfest at Fox Pub and Cafe.

Mini rant on contrived articles on Paste Magazine about Craft Beer.

Enjoy the weekend and be safe!  Get a Designated Driver for gods sake if you are hitting multiple places in Peoria.  (Y'know... Since we wont make it legal to UBER!)

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Day 3!  More news on beers being poured in Peoria and the surrounding area this week!  

  • Kemps Upper Tap.  Get there!  Coolest place you have never been too!  
  • Kellehers is serving something new everyday for American Craft Beer Week!
  • Fieldhouse has Sump and some other killer beers this week!   
  • George Jacob Gutbuster 5K at UFS.  Run, walk or crawl your way through beer, Hores De Vores and a mini beerfest on Saturday!  
  • Spirit of Peoria Beer Cruise Friday night.
  • Who are these guys?  The Brewers Association.

Take it all in...  This is an epic week of drinking in Central Illinois.  

Interview:  Luke Heminover at the Peoria Beerfest.  

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Craftbeer Week 2015 rolls on!  


Groucho runs down the events that he could sort out from the social media pages for all the local places that serve, sell and make craft beer!


The Fieldhouse is giving teachers a break on Tuesdays! 

Peoria Homebrew Club is meeting at the Fox Pub at 6PM on Tuesday.

The Railhouse in Pekin has Sculpin on draft! 

Destihl homebrew event with the Hop Shoppe.

Old Chicago!!!???!!!


Cominig up...  Gutbuster 5K and North Peoria Brewfest.  Josh Lanning is making dinner at Haynes on Main in Mackinaw Illinois on the 20th.


Interview:  Jennifer Ritter with the Peoria Jaycees.


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Beer a Day podcast?

Lets try this week. Groucho will give you the heads up on whats going on in Peoria this week!

Direct download: TBR_CBW_2015_-_1.mp3
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Groucho gets to chat with Neil for 15 minutes about how his role came to be at Boulevard and where its taken him now.

Neil travels the country doing events for Duval, if you find yourself near anything he is working on... I cannot emphasize enough what a great time you will have.  Seek him out.

Thanks to Boulevard and Duval for bringing him to Central Illinois and sponsoring a great beer event at the Fox Pub in Peoria!

Oh, Matt at Fox Pub says "Hi".

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Hold on to your hats for this one!  

Brian is very honest about his feelings on brewing and podcasts!  

Direct download: TBR_Brian_Shafer_Interview.mp3
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Bianca's back, but she seems to have dialed down her annoyance meter...  Longer show and less piercing shrieks make this show a nice mix of TBR lunacy and beer news.

Beers on the show:  Destihl Here Gose Nothing and Destihl Flanders Red in cans!

On the show:

  1. Bianca...  Nuff said.
  2. Bianca brings us beers that she refers to as vinegar.
  3. Ideas from Facebook:
    1. Canadians
    2. Growler materials
    3. Cheap Beers
    4. Beer pairings with Girl Scout Cookies
    5. Beer tasting at The Fox Pub
    6. Rob Rothgar
    7. The Jaycee's Peoria International Beer Fest VIP Tent is April 18th!
    8. Craftbeer Fest at the Speakeasy Art Center for 2015!!!!
    9. Peoria Brewing Company show!
  4. Podcast Rap Battle! and Groucho have a twitter, Fiverr rap battle going on!  Here are the clips.
  5. Fiverr theme songs!
  6. Destihl light and fluffy advertising on the cans...  Does it work?
  7. Groucho is critical of the Flanders can.
  8. Larry Bell outrage!  Innovation Brewing in Ashville NC.
  9. Beer Report ahead of the game when it comes to predicting that craftbrewers would start fighting each other.
  10. PR fail for Bell's.
  11. Did Groucho get that right?
  12. Brewers are like drummers or guitar players?
  13. Newspaper websites suck.  pop-ups and subscription tabs are choking out local sites.  Who wants to do research if you have to go through that?
  14. Winter Fling?  Uber Fling?
  15. SXSW meercatting???  CHUD explains his loathing of this!
  16. Online media lives forever.
  17. Dueschery?  Word or not?

Beers on the show purchased in real life at Broadway Liquors in Pekin IL.  Go there and buy craft beer!


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Missed 74?  Dont worry, your not alone.  CHUD, Groucho and PJ recorded an episode at the Speakeasy Art Center that will show up here eventually... But it needs an epic edit in the meantime!

We did find time to steal away from Bianca and pull off a full 1 hour broadcast!  We rearranged some wires as well, and you might notices a little better sound on this show as well.

Beers on the show:  Bell's Hop Slam 2015, Destihl Hoperation Overload, Schafly TIPA

On the show:

  • New announcer Dude
  • New TBR Rap!
  • The TBR Farm Report.
  • Adopt A Podcast.
  • CHUD and the Bianca are canoodling.
  • Budweiser Superbowl Ad.  Groucho and CHUD discuss.  #thisbudsforyou
  • The social network of craft-beer.
  • Hopslam Release parties.
  • Buffalo Wild Wings.  What happened to you?  Groucho recommends the Curry Spiced Buffalitos.
  • Sam Adams and Jim Koch complaining you don't love his beer.
  • Just the Tip.
  • Serial Podcast on NPR.
  • Congrats to Should I Drink that for keeping the dream alive.
  • 10 Years on the air!?!?!
  • Too Much Joy.  Good Kill (Not Thanksgiving in Reno)
  • Destihl sours.  Seek them out!
  • Topics taken from Facebook post.
  • Rothgar
  • Brickstone Brewing.
  • ISIS.
  • TBR Beer Tasting at the Speakeasy Art Center.
  • $400.00 beer?
  • PJ Love.
  • Bianca ran out of gas.  She needed a trunk monkey!
  • Lagunitas vs Sierra Nevada over IPA logo.
  • Lagunitas dude... Stop tweeting!
  • Abita beers?  CBR says drink it!
  • Story of the lonely hipster who hates children...  And tried to find a seat at Destihl brewpub in Normal IL.
  • Greatful Dead concerts.
  • Superfan showdown.

Thanks for listening.  New shows sooner than later!  Make sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook to keep up with the local beer scene in Pekin.

Beers on the show purchased at UFS in Peoria and Friar Tuck in Peoria IL.

Music on the show courtesy of Tim Quirk from  Thanks guys for giving us awesome intro music for the last decade.

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Bianca aged a beer for the show...  Holy smokes were we surprised when she pulled out a 4 year old Four Loco Blue-Raspberry can.

REAL Beer on the show:  Nolo Hopitoulas IPA.

On the show:

  1. B to the Anca?
  2. SIDT Beer?
  3. Punk?
  4. Blue beer!
  5. Zebra fur?  Huh?
  6. Apologies for the Zimmerman comment!
  7. Bianca's editing is excellent!
  8. Virtual chug!
  9. Nolo beer.
  10. Love for New Orleans.
  11. Peoria Mayor Jim Ardis is still a deusche for busting kids on Twitter.  Might as well be on his tombstone, that's all he'll be remembered for.
  12. Yo Lo!
  13. Bono vs CHUD.
  14. Gingers are gross...  That one goes out to The Tom!
  15. Ke$ha should be listening...  We need 4 ponies worth of money to sustain this show!

Beers on the show as usual, paid for and supplied by Groucho and others...  Chud was there to drink!

Direct download: tbr73-1.mp3
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Bianca aged a beer for the show...  Holy smokes were we surprised when she pulled out a 4 year old Four Loco Blue-Raspberry can.

REAL Beer on the show:  Nolo Hopitoulas IPA.

On the show:

  1. B to the Anca?
  2. SIDT Beer?
  3. Punk?
  4. Blue beer!
  5. Zebra fur?  Huh?
  6. Apologies for the Zimmerman comment!
  7. Bianca's editing is excellent!
  8. Virtual chug!
  9. Nolo beer.
  10. Love for New Orleans.
  11. Peoria Mayor Jim Ardis is still a deusche for busting kids on Twitter.  Might as well be on his tombstone, that's all he'll be remembered for.
  12. Yo Lo!
  13. Bono vs CHUD.
  14. Gingers are gross...  That one goes out to The Tom!
  15. Ke$ha should be listening...  We need 4 ponies worth of money to sustain this show!

Beers on the show as usual, paid for and supplied by Groucho and others...  Chud was there to drink!

Category: -- posted at: 4:05pm EST

Bianca is back!  Adopt A Podcast dot Org is really helping this show come along!!! We had picked a bottle of Red Hot Mama last winter down in Florida at Total Wine in Fort Myers Florida.  For those of you who don't remember...  It was skunked!  So much so that we threw out a tweet stating that fact.  Well, Sweetwater was not going to let that stand...  They quickly contacted us and asked to get a new bottle out ASAP.  Wish we could say we got a new show out that fast! Finally, we had the opportunity to taste this one on air...  It was worth a second try!  Great beer with a much heavier feel than we expected along with nice tart hops. Beers on teh show:  Dank Tank Replacement of Red Hot Mama via Sweetwater Brewing Company. On the show:

  1. Look at those nails!
  2. Replacement Beers.
  3. Red or Pink?  Do these nails match my BMW?
  4. CHUD's thinking very clearly
  5. Dank Tank, scratching their itch!
  6. Getting PDiddy on the show?  Go Bianca's dad!
  7. Our long list of sponsors...
    1. Everclear Channel
    2. Icelandic Trust
    3. XXX Brewing Company
    4. Citadel Hotel
  8. Rick Dowland has some new ideas for a beer game.
  9. CHUD needs a cream.
  10. Lionel Richey?  Bianca loves Nicole!
  11. CHUD loves Lutherans.
Direct download: TBR_72_-_Dank_Tank_2.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 12:24am EST

Groucho and CHUD sell their souls to

Direct download: TBR_71.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 12:36am EST

Eric Radio 99.9

Direct download: Eric_Stahl_-_jul2514.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 3:14pm EST

We had recorded this show directly following the last Fox Pub show last month...  We had wanted to make sure we put out the last one lickity-split, in order to get the word out on the North-side Beerfest.  (Which we heard was awesome!)

This show, we get a little more into the doing's and business of the Fox Pub, and get Matt to defect questions left and right.  That means we are doing our jobs right?  We had a great time, and Rob (Central Illinois' version of Bonus Beer Bob) makes sure we have some comedic interruptions.  

I have to admit... This show had me smiling all the way through on production.  I hope you enjoy it as much I did!  G

Beers on the show:  Stone 15th Anniversary Ale, Schlafly Raspberry Coffee Stout, Boulevard Coffee Ale.

On the show:

  1. Groucho got kicked out of Joe's Brewery in Champaign. (20 years ago)
  2. Matt shares Anhesuer Busche's latest canned offering.  (Didn't even bother to spell check that!)
  3. Code for locals when a macros are ordered!
  4. Stone brewing talk and wishing we could be as cool as Greg Koch.
  5. Big Al's talk.  
  6. Matt deflects!
  7. Matt gives us the whole story on the Fox!  Beer is his passion!
  8. If Rob owned a bar...  Bad idea!
  9. Do what you love...  And you'll never work a day in your life?  lol!
  10. Spaceball Quotes ensue with Raspberry beer!
  11. Rob's whale farm.
  12. Tingle theme.
  13. Schlafly beers where Groucho's gateway.
  14. Does Matt's wife wear a fake smile?  We all wonder how she stayed in Central Illinois!
  15. Fox Pub bus trip to GABF.
  16. Growth market... Central Illinois!
  17. The Fox "Tourie".
  18. Trivia on Thursdays, live bands on Saturdays.  
  19. "I hate God!"
  20. Shout out to Kevin at Harvest Cafe.

Thanks to Matt and all the gang for letting us hang out and have a great time talking about beers at an awesome local venue!  Make your way there if you get the chance!  And don't let them make the ducky noise!!!


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Groucho and CHUD were once again part of the craft-beer tasting at the Speakeasy in Pekin IL. We were happy be a part of this fundraiser again. Word on the street is that we will be doing this again on December 4th or 5th.

About halfway through the show we get into a great conversation with Shane and Bryan about beer tastes and what people are going for now.

On the show:

  • Dude that CHUD knows? Reviews all the beers...
  • We do not endorse his IPA stance. Personally, mowed grass is a great think to be drinking in our books!
  • Nightcrawler Dan says hi.
  • One of Groucho's employees stops by.
  • Second half of the show is all Groucho, Shane and Bryan.
  • Shane Wicklund from Wolfe Distributing and Bryan Harlan from Baumgarten Distributing talk with Groucho about working an event like this.
  • Why we love it... How we can work together...
  • Then it becomes a conversation about Destihl and what they are up to. Kudos to Bryan for letting us talk about a competitor at length. He is owed his fair share of air time now!

Look for the Matt Rixner show out soon. Like 1 week!!! Sorry for the delay!  I was going to lump it in here... But its not fair to the Fox and Matt to play second fiddle on a podcast!!!

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In celebration of the Peoria Craft Beer Week, we get with Matt Rixner of the Fox Pub to talk about this weeks event. CHUD was bumped in lieu of brother CHUMP (Who has been absent since episode 6) to join in with us.  Rob the viking also stepped in to make sure we never had an empty glass!

Are we a bit subdued?  Yeah, probably so.  We wanted to keep it focused on The Fox and this weekends beer event.  We didn't want to get off on some TBR tangent!  Plus, we knew that scaring Matt on the first remote at the bar would be bad for future business!  

Beers on the show: Solemn Oath Wreckage Master, 2010 3 Floyds Darklord.

On the show:

  • What is the Fox Pub all about?
  • We kiss O'Fallon Brewing rear end. Long time since we did that!
  • Skunked lines?
  • Darklord for Matt!
  • Talk of Rob's impending demise.  
  • Shout out to Keg's n Egg's on wwct 99.9 FM.
  • Media day at the Fox!?!?  Journal Star article.
  • Brewery of the Month in May:  Founders.
  • Lowfat Fox Breakfast?  Probably not!
  • 2014 Darklord Day talk.  
  • Cold Lake Michigan blues...
  • Greenbush road trip.
  • May 17th kids!!!  Get to the Fox Pub!  Its where the cool kids will be!
  • Get advance tickets at the Fox for 7 bucks!  10 at the door!
  • 500 commemorative glasses!
  • Perennial Abraxis, Barrell Aged Rasputin, Firkin of Bell's Hopslam, Firkin of DeStihl Hoperation Overload with 30/30 coffee, Dogfish Imort-ale.
  • Single and dating!
  • Mountain air beer training!

Darklord on the show "cellered" and acquired by Groucho, in a rare attempt to show up Rob.  Solemn Oath acquired at the brewery in Chicago by a friend of  a friend...  And that needs to happen again soon!

New theme music, that will probably change again next show provided by a Japanese import copy of Buffalo Daughter, Mutating.  


The Fox - Peoria Craft Beer Week Schedule:

May 13th - May 17th:  Peoria Craft Beer Week
American Craft Beer on Tap all week long
1.       Boulder Mojo IPA Nitro (Boulder, CO)
2.       Bell’s Oberon (Kalamazoo, MI)
3.       Cider Boys Peach County Cider (Stevens Point, WI)
4.       Arcadia Deliverance Bourbon Brown (Battle Creek, MI)
5.       Une Annee Sanguinaire Belgian Red Ale (Chicago, IL)
6.       Deschutes Obsidian Stout Nitro(Bend, OR)
7.       Boulevard Brewing Saison Brett (Kansas City, MO)
8.       Schlafly Biere de Garde ( St. Louis, MO)
9.       BuckleDown Brewing Clencher Double IPA (Lyons, IL)
10.   Jolly Pumpkin Madrugada Obscura Stout (Dexter, MI)
11.  4 Hands Brewing Chocolate Milk Stout ( St Louis, MO)

Tuesday, May 13th:  Peoria Craft Beer Week beer tasting with Josh from Markeplace
Featuring:  Jolly Pumpkin Madrugada Obscura, Jolly Pumpkin IO Red Saison, and Two Bros Engine #1 Kolsch
Saturday, May 17th:  North Peoria Craft Brewfest(more details on EVENT page)
Saturday May 24th:  Live music with The Roundstone Buskers from 8pm-10:30pm

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We tried to overstay our welcome with Todd and Christian at the Peoria Brewing company, but they were game for all the nonsense that we were spewing on this episode of TBR.  This is a full blown show, don't think its just a filler piece.  (Well, aren't they all?)  You get a solid 20 minutes of beer content interweaved with talk about "Chud's girlfriend at the time", Clown fears, Stevie Knicks (SP? Didn't care enough to look it up) and Bob Dylan.  Sounds like a normal show to us!

Thanks again to those guys letting us hang at the Peoria Brewing Company.  Thanks for the free samples and we look forward to all the progress reports on the facebook page.

Beers on the show:  TBR Pear Trippel, Mikkeller Beer Hop Breakfast, Clown Shoes Vampire Slayer American Imperial Stout.

  1. Tilted kilt? Way to start a show!
  2. Why cant beer places stick in Peoria?
  3. Plug for
  4. Beer-A-Sutra?
  5. "I had to drink them honey... It's my job".
  6. Groucho brought TBR homebrew!  The Pear Golden!
  7. CHUDs lost rhizome!
  8. Kent Goldings debate!
  9. Nipples and Nuts reference.  Who's been around that long?
  10. Green Apple IPA conversation leads to pilot system talk.
  11. Todd has a midsection like a wasp nest.
  12. Groucho has a looming argument for the local beer stores.
  13. Is PUNK Brewery still around?
  14. Is the dog thing overdone?
  15. The beer biscuit idea leads to the peanut butter birthday story.
  16. Get your clown shoes on CHUD.
  17. CHUD is a clown hater?  The X story.
  18. Everything sounds better at Red Rocks?
  19. Fleetwood Mac?  RUSH talk.
  20. Ramones VS Bob Dylan car commercial showdown.
  21. Burning records and crosses in Pekin?  Lets move on!
  22. Malaysian Airlines predictions.  Still timely!!!

Beers on the show, Honey Wheat courtesy of Peoria Brewing Company, Homebrew provided by Groucho and CHUD, Beer Hop Breakfast and Clown Shoes Vampire Slayer bought at Friar Tuck in Peoria Illinois.

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So, when you go shooting your mouth off about some guys creating a brewery in Peoria...  And you do that for a few months in a row... You better be ready to step up to the challenge if they call you out on your opinions!

That's what Todd from Peoria Brewing Company did a few weeks ago when he notified Groucho that he was wrong about any deal they might have with a local distributing company.  Groucho and Todd agreed that a fair compromise, using the "dollars to donuts" premise would be a box of Spudnuts.  Unfortunately, Groucho had to welch!  Spudnuts ran out early on the  weekend we decided to get together and do a show.  But, Todd and Christian were still kind enough to let us stop by the soon-to-be brewery.

Now, here is the rub and scary part about this show for us...  As professional amateurs...  What if their beer sucks?  Do we play is off and be kind?  Do we suffer through the show and give them average marks?  Will we lose any indie cred by kissing the ass of a bad brewer?


Todd and Christian have created some great beers to start the brewery.  It was truly a joy to drink them all!  The Milk Stout and Rye IPA were standouts.  We think everyone will enjoy what these guys are doing right off the bat!

So, here is the first show we did with the guys.  I say first, because immediately following this show, we will have a traditional show with Todd and Christian as guest.  This show is VERY focused on Peoria Brewing Company and what it means to Peoria and the Brewers.  If you are expecting Groucho and CHUD acting like idiots or dialing daleks... Move on to the next show!  If you want to know about the guys are who are bringing fresh beer to Peoria...  Listen up!

Thanks again Peoria Brewing Company for being awesome hosts!  We are glad your beers rocked!

On the show:

  • Christian is stuck with the task of telling us how this project took off.
  • Great Milk Stout
  • Todd talks about getting the spouses approval
  • How do you get your own reporter from
  • Dry Hopping Macro Lagers???
  • Kegging?  When are we bottling?
  • Staying local with the name!  Will it play in Peoria?
  • Why did this take so long???
  • Love to Crescent Sun in Pekin,
  • Todd has to grow out the goat if he is going to be head brewer!
  • Beer so bad the dog wont drink it!?!?  Experimental beers!
  • Crazy Jane.
  • What do you expect?  Nervous Podcasters at start of show.
  • Peoria guys!
  • The German Purity Law???  What the Hell was that all about???
  • Todd is on a short leash!
  • Would you do it again?
  • The Grease trap!
  • Fox Pub shout out.
  • 42...  Cool!
  • Where's the SWAG?
  • The Peoria Brewing Company Logo.
  • Do another show?

Recorded on Location at the Peoria Brewing Company!


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TBR 63


Groucho just got back from vacation!  More beers for you from that trip!

Beers on the show:  Cigar City Jai Alai India Pale Ale, Sweetwater Brewing Red Hot Mama - Dank Tank - Imperial Red Ale, Mission Brewing Dark Seas Russian Imperial Stout.

On the show:

  • We are frontrunners for Tazewell County Podcasters of the Year!
  • Groucho avoids the polar vortex!  Never did find Disneyworld!
  • Fort Myers talk.
  • Miami in August... Hells *sshole???
  • Show ideas solicited.
  • Canadian suck?  Who knew?
  • Trout...  Salmon...  The same fish?  Beer Report Fact!
  • Java Stout!  Groucho is getting old!
  • Twitter rant?  Follow the Iron sheik!
  • Satanic sculpture at the Oklahoma State House.
  • Sam Adams vs. Lagunitas!  Then we get distracted, and come back around to it after the Dark Seas read.
  • Skunked beer from Sweetwater!!!!  Boo!
  • Groucho's Hangover story about San Diego.
  • Reverb read of Dark Seas!
  • Need to hang with Brain Gravy crowd on chat!!!
  • Jim Koch, craft brewer?
  • Florida, wasteland of beer...  Big shocker!
  • Long talk about craft brewer vs. craft brewer from our Sam Adams talk.
  • Peoria Brewing Company.  Groucho got some insider information.  Todd Hayes, thank you!
  • Show at Peoria Brewing?
  • CHUD is dating again...  Lets hear about it!
  • The "Old Tupperware Date"
  • Mazzy Star make-out dream...
  • Duck Dynasty?

Beers on the show picked up at Publix and Total Wine & More in Fort Myers Florida.  The skunked beer was probably sitting in the Total Wine store for a year!  Shame on them for keeping that on the shelf!


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Groucho and CHUD lay down the facts and subtle nuances that might make or break your Superbowl wagers.  Also,, this commentary will help you non-football fans sound knowledgeable when you show up and uber-NFL fans house for the big game.

Beer on the show: 2010 Envious by New Holland Brewing

On the show:

  1. The Greatest little podcast in Central Illinois?
  2. Russel Wilson love.
  3. Match-ups!
  4. Weather factor?
  5. PJ...  Apologies!
  6. Bi-Polar Vortex!
  7. Olympics in Chicago???  Glad we missed it!
  8. Predictions.
    1. CHUD:  Denver 32 - 26
    2. Groucho:  Denver  31 - 27
  9. The Tom Brady beat-down! Check the You Tube video of his High Five fails!
  10. Seattle has a rock sculpture of a rock at the Seahawk stadium???  For real?
  11. Duck tours???  CHUD really?
  12. Stratford on Avon bus tour.   Drinking fresh Spitfire.
  13. Hoperation Overload from Destihl will be out soon!  Canned Destihl beer!!!
  14. CHUD says try the Goat Cheese stuffed Meatballs!
  15. Groucho, not a Doctor Who fan!  
  16. VERY SPECIAL INTERVIEW WITH Payton Manning.  (Or was that a Dalek?)
  17. Cigar Store Indian equates to Dalek when making sports to geek comparisons!  Neither has legs to move around out of the pocket...  Now do you get the reference???
  18. Podcast awards!
  19. CHUD looks like a complete dumb-ass speaking of home-team advantage.
  20. Carlin and Hicks Sword-fighting in heaven!
  21. Go to the Exchange in Delavan or Destihl in Normal to watch the game!!! 

Beer on the show almost certainly purchased at Friar Tuck in Bloomington IL...  A long time ago!

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Beers on the show: Winter Yule Smith, Robinsons Brewery The Trooper!, Jester King's Blackmetal Farmhouse Imperial Stout.

On the show:

  1. Rocktober!
  2. New Maureen Ogle book...  About MEAT!
  3. CHUD's whiskey mojo.
  4. Cred back to Hog Dawg for this gifted mixer that is still going strong.
  5. The Pekin Beer Tasting.  Success!
  6. Shout outs to Rob and Chauncey!
  7. CHUDs X's...  Getting heaped up.
  8. Business cards!  I'm rolling like Rick from
  9. Local shows bring our numbers down???
  10. A TBR Sumble???  Is that spelled right CHUD?
  11. CHUD's thumbnail sketch of British Military prowess.
  12. Iron Maiden talk...  Groucho plays along...  And takes it to One Direction talk!
  13. PJ!  He's the one making bank on that ticket!
  14. Uncle CHUD is going to abandon Grouho's kids.
  15. Is there a tap handle for this beer?
  16. Hand Crafted?  A devalued phrase.
  17. What are the best Eddie posters?
  18. DJ Ashba talk:  @DjASHBA
  19. B-Dubs sucks per CHUD.  Groucho says get the Buffalitos.
  20. Bent River Beer dinner at Harvest Cafe.  Groucho saw this brewer was making beer for Goods Furniture in Kewanee...  And declined purchasing the beer based on that brewery.
  21. Congrats to Peoria Brewing company.  Funding is secured.  What is the Miller Distribution angle?
  22. Whats a good night for a beer tasting?
  23. Matilda...  Still good.
  24. Brewery bubbles!  Oh My!
  25. Mikey Mason...  Wheres my Kickstarter shit?
  26. OK...  Who is up for a The Beer Report beer tour of Chicago?  We need to get a heads count!
  28. Jesterking brewing...  We love what you have done with this beer bottle.
  29. Forgot the drinking horn!
  30. Black metal should sound like this tastes!
  31. Twitter?  Why bother?
  32. Secret Beer Handshakes?  Groucho is sick of businesses having secret ways to get decent beers.  UFS failed me!
  33. The beer passion?
  35. CHUD's new blog on Facebook:
  36. Year End Thank You's!


Links to great people who helped bring the Pekin Beer Tasting to fruition:

Beers on the show purchased at Broadway Liquors in Pekin Illinois and Bine and Wine in San Diego.


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Call this our little tribute to Ole Uncle Lare...  With the passing of Larry Lujack, a big slice of Chicago radio history has come to an end.  

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Audio from Groucho walking around with a ZOOM H4 recorder.

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TBR 61 - Tazewell County Beer Events

CHUD free show???  Groucho has to wing it as he hits Delavan to do a show about all the current beer doings that are coming up here in November.  Beer "Doings" in Tazewell county!!!  Lets make this be the start of a trend!!!!

Beers on the show:

Goose Island Illinois, Will Wheaten Stone Brewing collaboration beer Woot Stout, Uinta Punk'n.

On the show:

  • Groucho and Kevin man the show from Hometown Wine and Spirits.
  • Bent River Beer dinner at Harvest Cafe...  November 14th!  309 244 7000
  • Josh is working up a menu!  
  • Hop infused butter!
  • Craft Beer Tasting in Pekin!  
  • The Beer Report and Crescent Sun Brewing with Pekin Main Street  association at the Speakeasy in Pekin on November 21st.
  • Boulevard Brewing gets purchased by Duval...  Greg Koch starts the name calling?
  • Goose Island... Honest opinions of what they have done since being bought by Anheuser Busch.
  • Oh...  Mitch Steele is still head brewer at Stone... He hasn't left!  
  • Will Wheaten Beer.
  • Hop butter tasting... Live and in person.
  • 3 Floyds?  Where are you in Illinois???
  • Beard talk?  World series sets Groucho off.
  • Ashley from Hometown Wine and Spirits says that beards add to a mans overall appearence!?!?
  • Groucho's San Diego trip.
  • Incredi-beard.
  • Low Rise Jeans... Groucho has a problem with them apparently!
  • Old man clothes.

Beers on the show provided by The Harvest Cafe.  Thank you for all you guys do.

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Groucho and CHUD break in Studio C with a show about Midwest Beer info!!!  Say its not so!  We talk about beer and locals who are doing it here in the Central Illinois area. 

Beers on the show:  2 Brothers Resistance IPA Growler, Perenial Artisan Ales Hommel Beer.  

On the show:

  1. This episode brought to you by THE EXCHANGE in Delavan IL!
  2. Beer news!!!  Whats up with that??
  3. Destihl builds a production brewery.  Watch out america...  Sour beers are coming from the Midwest!
  4. Cantillon is now hard for us to get???  Beer geeks suck!
  5. The Marijuana report?  Groucho is sure its a conspiracy!  CHUD brings him down and then freaks him out with his version of the "docile American".
  6. CHUD at school.  Sociology.  He hates his classmates.
  7. Heathers...  The movie.
  8. The Peoria Brewing Company.
  9. Cool old building or industrial park...  Whats the better choice for a startup?
  10. Crescent Sun Brewing Company from PEKIN ILLINOIS!!!!
  11. How do you name a brewery these days?
  12. Granite guys look like brewers?!?!  Tats and beards for everyone!
  13. Ear stretching?  Whats the logic?  Lip plates please?
  14. Neck rings!  PLEASE!
  15. 4" in waist drawbacks!
  16. CHUD's blind date dilemma!  Burning churches???  
  17. CHUD knows the market price on human schools...  
  18. Good time or bad time to start a brewery?  Thank god these local start-ups are here in the beer wasteland that IS Central Illinois!
  19. Groucho totally starts making up some marketing and distribution mumbo-jumbo.
  20. CHUD compares beer start-ups to death metal saturation.  
  21. Hey Applebee's...  GET SOME DECENT BEER!!!!
  22. Syria and Vlad.
  23. CHUD's motorcycle lust?  Ewan McGregor???
  24. Harley weenies!
  25. George Carlin takes us out.  Wait for it.

TBR Theme is "Drunk and in Love" from Too Much Joy.  Check them out at We love them... You should too!

Beers on the show picked up at the 2 Brothers Roundhouse and Friar Tuck in Peoria IL.   

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TBR Episode 60

60!  Finally!  Ha Ha!  Right!

Beers on the show:  Bornem Dubbel, Bornem Trippel,

On the show:

  • Boston... Too soon?
  • The Bird is the word...
  • New TRHH = North Korean Missile Threats
  • "Bad Dates"...  Indy reference.
  • Blonde Nazi's...  Pekin's finest.
  • CHUD makes a dated reference to his newest "ex".
  • 60???  Why now.
  • Rex Dart... Where are you now?
  • More Sam Adams commercial ideas.  (Still screwed up the name)
  • Does Jim Koch buy his furniture at Pottery Barn or Crate and Barrel?
  • Back to basics shopping.
  • Lot of Third Sunday Market to Knives to Green Bay Packers to Jay Cutler talk...???
  • Guns!
  • Guns?
  • CHUD Rant!
  • Speaking in Tongues...  And we aren't talking Talking Heads!
  • Pro Union talk from the CHUD?
  • Top 1% speak.
  • What would you have to do to earn $300,000 an hour?
  • Aeropostle...?

 Beers on the show purchased at Broadway Liquors in lovely Pekin IL!  

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The ultimate six pack show!

Groucho and CHUD make the short drive to Delavan IL to share some amazing beers with The Exchange GM, Kevin.  As usual, Kevin's enthusiasm for all things beer grabs us all and we take in some amazing beers.   

Beers on the show:

5 Rabbit Five Lizard Ale, Southern Tier Live, 8 Wired Brewing company Hotwired IPA, Cambridge Brewing Company Sargent Pepper,  Revolution Brewing Eugene Porter,

On the show:

  • Kevin gives us the low down on The Exchange!  Its his baby!
  • Monsters U has brought a second coming to Kevin's  mispronounced youth.
  • CHUD comments on NSA snooping.  No more Al Quada searches!
  • Kevin gives a shout out to 30 30 Coffee company about their Maple Hop Latte.
  • Rhodell collaboration ale with 30 30 is given a bit of a plug as well.
  • shows that todays youth care nothing about personal information!
  • Paula Deen controversy.
  • CHUD is officially cancer free!!!!!
  • 8 Bit tat's.
  • Farm to Table bar menu???  Kevin Explains!
  • Gin, Strawberry, Rhubarb and Lemon Martini?
  • Kevin's cherry was burst on June 27th.
  • Thomas Mather's Distillery will be the destination to see in Delavan soon!
  • Late love for Seth and the rest of the Delavan crew that takes brilliant care of you at Harvest, Hometown and the Exchange.

Beers on the show graciously shared by The Exchange.  Revolution Brewing and Darklord brought in by Groucho.

Be sure to visit the Exchange!  They are open 7 days a week and will never disappoint!

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dcaicb3Don't Call it a Comeback, part 3. Feeling disjointed with our sequencing???  So are we.  We were fortunate to have some material that was literately time-stamped over the last 2 shows.  That left a few shows in the hopper.  We are glad to finally get this final show from our comeback series. THIS SHOW IS TERRIBLY SERIOUS!  SORRY!  WE WILL GET BACK TO THE MAD-CAP ANARCHY SOON! Beer on the show:  3 Floyds Baltic Porter and 3 Floyds Arctic Panzer Wolf On the show:

  • CHUD is a growing boy!
  • Serious 3 Floyds love!  Big shocker huh?
  • Nipples and Nuts...  A classic show that should be re-released?
  • Emotional chumming.
  • Actually serious conversation about whats been going on with TBR and CHUD over the past 6 months.
  • Brothers*
  • Ratburn family history.
  • Life satisfaction.
  • "Sometimes a body is more trouble than its worth"
  • JAS Edwards from Oklahoma.
  • American values now suck!
  • More Floyds Beer!
  • Nazi beer
  • All About Beer book head to head with the AP.  The AP rocks!
  • Mosher - Sauce
  • Bowzas and Arrzows...  Huh?
  • 90 minute show...  God Help Us!?!?!?

Beers on the show gifted by Groucho's favorite sales rep who tries to buy his business at Riverbottom Motors.  It might be working!

Direct download: TBR_-_DCIACB_3.mp3
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Edit free show...  Added some them music and closing can pop... But we rushed this one for Craft Beer Week 2013.

Enjoy... Unless your Jim Koch...  Head of Sam Adams.  Then you will probably think we are A-Holes for not knowing your name and making fun of your commercials!

Direct download: TBR_-_Craft_Beer_Week_2013.mp3
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Kevin Myszkowski (Yeah, I had to copy and past that) from The Harvest Cafe in Delavan rolled out the red carpet after asking us to do a show from the adjoining Wine shop, Hometown Wine & Spirits.

Ashley "Bird" Burdette (Hometown Manager) joins us to give us a brief education on Wine during the show as well.   

Surprisingly good sound from the Groucho's travel set-up.  Sorry Groucho is over-modulated initially...  Dont worry... I over-modulated Kevin and CHUD later in the show.

Beers on the show:  Wild Onion Hopslayer (In a Pint!),  Finches Fascist Pig,  Lagunitas Lil Sump'n, Darkhorse Brewing Plead the 5th, Darkhorse Brewing Scotte Karate

On the show:

  • An introduction to Hometown Wine & Spirits.
  • Hop Heads will love Delavan!  Awesome beers in Delavan!
  • The Exchange will be opening soon!  12 craft taps!  Nitro tap as well!
  • Farm to table at Harvest Cafe.  Cameron Urban rocked the PARC/EPIC competition.
  • Craft beer can love.
  • Kevin might take CHUD's place!
  • The Dela-Van.
  • Thomas Mathers Distillery.
  • Groucho starts the negotiations...  How much Rhubarb...???
  • 3 Wine Swines.
  • Kevin loves Delavan!
  • Revolution Brewing conversation.
  • Inkling Ap...  Is whipped out for a few seconds.  
  • Metal Voice CHUD!
  • Limited amount of F-Bombs...  Sorry!
  • Wine Bar...  Defined!  Ashley sits in and gives us some tips for wine.
  • Get your Zinfandel at Casey's down the street!
  • New Menu's daily...  Kevin shares some of the secrets of what goes on behind the scenes with the staff.
  • More negotiations...  What will one walleye bring?
  • TBR takeover???  Twist our arm!
  • Kevin is an AM radio dude as well.
  • Lagunitas loves to party?  Kev says so!
  • Ryan Sandburg = Yoda of Beer.
  • Darklord Day talk.
  • Marketplace Selections, RJ and Specialty all supply the variety of beers on tap.  
  • Boris the Crusher in Delavan???
  • Lots of laughs...  As we have consumed plenty of great beer!
  • Delavan Love.  Again!
  • Groucho finally negotiates a pint!
  • Final Beer...  Lets kill this thing!  
  • CHUD does a completely racist interpretation of the Scotte Karate label.  
  • Wrap up.


Direct download: TBR_Special_Edition_-_Hometown_Wine.mp3
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Dont call it a comeback, part 2!

Beers on the show:  Victory Storm King, Ale Smith Speedway Stout, BBB Brewings Eurithius Extreme Imperial Stout.

On the show:

  • Longest running beer podcast?
  • Stormking would make a killer band name!  CHUD reads it with Metal Tones.
  • Rope A Dope!
  • TBR Studio B coming to a close.
  • Groucho blames his "Ap" for finding a new house.
  • CBR gets a lot of lip service on this ep.
  • Studio B is rich in history.
  • The life and times of CHUD's cat, Rusty.
  • Rusty's demise.
  • Margaret has patience!
  • Drone Strike on Studio B?
  • Inking Ap vs Book
  • Tasting Beer by Randy Mosher.
  • Head to head battle of Analog vs Digital media.
  • Round one to the book.
  • Round two to the Ap.
  • Casual beer drinkers are getting more beer smarts.
  • Bonus Beer Bob's Christmas Beer!!!  Its our annual tribute to The Good Beer Show.  Podfaded...  Sadly!
  • 18%????
  • Bob's wax job is superior!
  • F-Bombs start rolling...  Sorry!
  • TBR invites themselves over to Bob's to homebrew.
  • CHUD tastes chocolate...  Groucho gets the wine...  Our taste buds were blasted!!!  Still an outstanding beer!
  • CHUD has a problem with the TBR equipment.
  • Twitter advice from CHUD.  @tbrchud and @thebeerreport.
  • One last bit of BBB love.

Beers on the show were gifts from the fine folks at Marketplace Selections.  THANK YOU!  Bonus Beer Bob's Christmas beer was the most amazing Christmas present we received this year!  Thanks Bob!

Intro and outro music shamelessly pulled from an old Julian Cope album.  Spotify recently added some Julian Cope, and we love them for that...   But they did not add the "St. Julian" album.  His masterwork in our opinion!  Enjoy a little "Pulsar".

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Dont Call it a Comeback, Part 1.

Groucho and CHUD saddle back up in TBR studio B for the first of 3 big shows.  Its all about whats been going on for the past few months.   Did you miss us?

Beers on the show:  O'Fallon Brewing 5 Day IPA with Chinook hops, Ale Smith IPA, Bell's Hopslam.

On the show:

  • Wheres AB?  She's gone!
  • Aged growler firkin beer.  2  and a 1/2 years old!
  • Flat start to the show!
  • Ale Smith is now in Peoria!  Thanks to Marketplace Selections for providing this beer for the show!
  • How to get divorced in 12 months?
  • Even Kansas has something unique and cool... Yes, even Kansas!
  • Look what Pekin produced!  (That means us!)
  • We will outlive CBR!
  • Get your Ale Smith in Peoria!  NOW!
  • CHUD dating storied again?
  • Dating Groucho's Ex?
  • The Goat farm dream is still alive!
  • Pick your relationships in a different fashion than getting a stray animal!
  • MEtv
  • Mom was not a racist!  How "White" was our youth in Central Illinois?
  • Groucho's radio voice.
  • Choda?  Not Radd mellow... But CHUD is mellowed.
  • Christian Slater movies for 100 Alex?
  • Margaret interupts!
  • Delicious Kudos?
  • Hopslam lands in Pekin!  Broadway Liquors has it!
  • Superbowl talk.  Flacco praise.
  • Mass transit talk.
  • Why dont animals turn into Zombies?  Zombie Dogs would suck!
  • CHUD digs up some horrible 1930's movie for reference.  Freaks?
  • Anti-AB.  Anhesuer Busch Black Crown.  Not good.
  • Anti-AB.  Bud Platinum. 
  • Whats the point of these high ABV beers?
  • Tornado top makes the Miller beer!  Some dude got paid for this!!!  Is he inventing the blue mountains on the Coors labels?
  • Beer Report Noodling...  Miller leads to Coors leads to Sherpa's and Mt Everest.
  • Groucho is not taking care of CHUD's cats if CHUD gets struck by lightening ontop of a mountain while hiking... While its raining.
  • Kill it!

Beers on the show from O'Fallon Brewery in O'Fallon MO, Hopslam was from Broadway Liquors in Pekin IL, AleSmith provided to the show by our friends at Marketplace Selections. 

Download this guy at:

Support your local beer store!!!!

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Halloween 2012

Beer on the show:  Newcastle Werewolf

OK...  Lets get a jump on Halloween.  Groucho and CHUD get some festive holiday inspired beer that filled the marketing niche of the moment.  We should have picked up a bottle of True Blood while we were at it!

On the show:

  • Lichens?  Moss Monsters?
  • Send us a T-Shirt Newcastle!
  • Election talk.  No good candidates!
  • Rollerderby talk!  Dupage Derby Dames and the McLean County Normal Misfits.
  • Octoberfest is like Christmas creep?
  • Holiday brews.

Beer on the show brought to you by Newcastle!  They sent it to us to give it a try!  Thanks again to Newcastle...  But we would like them more if they sent us SWAG to give away!


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Cider on the show: Original Sin - Heirloom Apple Cider with Cherries.

Whoa...  What do we have here...  Groucho picks up an Original Sin Cider without even knowing what he has picked up... And is pleasantly surprised.

The only question we have for you...  Can this cider get you laid like a typical Original Sin Cider?  TBR Challenge!

Go Jets!

Beer on the show picked up at Binny's Beverage warehouse in Chicago IL.

Theme song provided by Too Much Joy at  Check out all their great music and get closer to Godliness.


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TBR Special Edition - LAVA

Blown away by an Icelandic beer!  Who knew that they can produce killer brews like this!

Beer on the show:  Ölvisholt Brugghús Lava

On the show:

  1. Icelandic things...
  2. Smoked Schrpatz! 
  3. Giving Iceland its props and Kudos!
  4. Nearly an F Bomb free show.
  5. What do you know about Iceland?
  6. Retards and Natural Gas.
  7. 9.99 beer!
  8. UFS and Willies Tomales! 
  9. Qudoba?
  10. Anti-Organic!
  11. Beer of the year 2012?
  12. Glad I didnt stay at Curry Village in Yosemite.  Memo to National Park Service... Get a couple of house cats out there to knock out those disease ridden varmints.  And, you save animal shelters valuable space!
  13. Retarded cats!
  14. A Beer Report Fact - 3 Fold = Retardation.

Beer on the show purchased at HyVee Peoria.


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TBR 55

Sponsor Update! Sudden Impact Paintball, Funks Grove Il.

Beer on the show: New Galarus DIPA, New Galarus Black IPA, New Galaurs Golden Ale 2009.

On the show: 

  • Chud gets the beer this week???
  • Sudden Impact Paintball pluggin.
  • Proper glassware
  • Ep 11, a little throwback in the podcast feed.   What gives?
  • Re-Waking Reggie?
  • The new Apple/iTunes podcast ap.  Listen to our newest review!
  • Green Certified???
  • What is the value of the iTunes podcast ap if it does not show the reviews?
  • Who makes Apples server farms?  IBM?  Icloud is probably made of Dell Computers.
  • Steve Jobs = Borg Queen?
  • GoneMild?  What kind of screen name is that???  Who would admit that they have gone mild???
  • Wisconsin.  CHUD has not crossed the chedder curtain! 
  • Tick #1!
  • Stone Beer night at Kellehers.
  • Groucho had cred for his Stone work shirt similar to a cruddy Iron Maiden T-Shirt.
  • Alice Cooper still rocks?
  • Black IPA writeup is not politically correct?
  • Hop faded or just mellow?
  • July heat is keeping the AC rolling!  Global warming may be real...   Screw Florida!
  • Groucho's Plutonium Depot?
  • 39.95 Motel 6 in East Peoria...  Thats pretty cheap!  Whats the going rate at the Knights Inn on Interstate 24 though Tennessee?
  • Air Hockey reviews are not a great way to win points with the spouse!
  • Dick Pepper = Stage name?
  • You got cookie!

Intro music, as always, brought to you by the fine folks at  Opening theme song, Drunk and In Love off the Green Eggs and Crack album.

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TBR Special Edition - Wisconsonite

We miss you!  Sorry for any delays in your beer drinking podcast lifestyle!!!  This 9 minute podcast update is our attempt to let you know that we have not died or podfaded!  We will survive when other beercasts have all disappeared!  We're the roaches of beercasting!

Beer on the show:  Lakefront Wisconsinite

On the show:

  • F-Bomb 5 seconds in!
  • Production errors!
  • Hub City, Go big or go home.
  • Lakefront coming on strong?
  • Hop Cream rocks!
  • Hemingway beer commercials?
  • Hunter S Thompson ripped off Hemingway?
  • Midnight in Paris... Good stuff.  Even if its Woody Allen.
  • F Scott?  Who cares?
  • Ticks???? 
  • Different levels of Intensive Care!

See you in a week... Or so!


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TBR Special Edition - Well's Banana Beer

Beer on the show:  Banana Bread Beer from Well's. 

This beer was handpicked and given to Groucho by Superfan, PJ.

Shout-outs abound!  Count 'em up!  We are hoping to make Jeff at www.craftbeerradio 's ears bleed with this massive shoutout to Super Fan PJ!

  1. Provenance bitches!  More label complaints from the Groucho and CHUD, Marketing genius'!
  2. Pour hard!
  3. Fair Trade Banana's and Mineral Water???
  4. Chiquita beer!
  5. Church socials rock!
  6. Brewing with bananas?
  7. CHUD slams Kentucky and Tennessee!
  8. Boomers suck.
  9. Groucho's truck makes cool noises!
  10. Beer label bitching.  Kalamazoo Stout might be the worst label ever!
  11. Greg who? 
  12. Nightcrawler Dan and the Beer and B movie night.
  13. Banana flavor???????  WTF???????
  14. Weiss-Supremacist!


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TBR Special Edition - Piraat
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Beers on the show:  Sweetwater 420, Sweetwater IPA, Sweetwater Happy Endings (Catch and Release Series),

  1. Google Plus...  Does it still matter?
  2. Fail boat? 
  3. Brian Dennehy?  What happened?
  4. Cheap Pee Wee jokes.
  5. Strangford Laugh brewing company was a big scam.  German malts in St. Patties Best?
  6. Deadliest Warriors.  Taliban vs Irish Freedom Fighters.
  7. Expired beer.
  8. Huck and Tom catching fish on the bottles...  Less Injun Joe.
  9. Serving cat at the flea market.
  10. Globe Trekker, eating rat in Africa.
  11. China bashing.
  12. Paris Hilton's contributions to society actually outweigh the Cardashians!
  13. Happy Endings.
  14. First Georgia beers on the show?
  15. More Pee Wee talk.
  16. Superfans...  Pj, Gary, TeeWinks, BoSoxPats (May be a rep from Colt 45) Keelhauler, Kevin F.
  17. How many years on the air now?
  18. iPod deaths.
  19. Hall Pass...  Too much cock for Groucho.
  20. Captain America talk...  CHUD whips out his nitpickers guide.
  21. CHUD goes to Vegas.
  22. David Copperfield.  Underwhelming?
  23. PJ sets us up with some COSTCO beer!
  24. What the hell is "Signiture" service?  A joke at this point.
  25. Kevin Costner vs Dick Cheney.
  26. Dances with BP.
  27. Dick Cheney is heartless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  28. Kirklands signiture?

Special thanks to PJ for donating these fine beers AND OTHERS IN THE PAST to The Beer Report.  We totally appreciate all fan support!

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TBR - The Porkslap Show.mp3

Beers on the show:  Butternuts Pork Slap and Moo Thunder.  Old Dominion Oak Barrel Stout.

On the show:

  1. New Rainmakers album is out.  10 years in the making.  CHUD says "If you dont like "Reckoning Day"
  2. Farmhouse???
  3. DOA Beer?  Dissappointing craft canned beer?
  4. Made on dates are VERY helpful!
  5. The power of cheesy logo's and good marketing.
  6. We try the Stout next...  Again...  Weird results.
  7. Dump bucket is getting a workout.
  8. Beer Ninja tactics by the Macros.
  9. Groucho is getting a "heavy thickness in his mouth?"
  10. CHUD has not put down a big buck yet.  Besides an Old Dominion.
  11. Beer and mixers do not work well together.
  12. CHUD's band finally has a singer???  Nothing to prove it even after the edit.
  13. What are the limitations of eating underdone pork?
  14. The Illinois Craft Beer Bill is a big steaming pile "crafted" by Big Brother Beer*.
  15. DeStihl Champaign opens.  CHUD gives an impromtu review.  Thanks again to Matt Potts.
  16. DeStihl Trippel was rocking.
  17. CHUD needs to write more!!!!
  18. Gumby's Pizza, Grog's or Flinger's Pizza.  CHUD says Flinger's rocks.
  19. The Beer Report tries to rationalize our review process and what the value of REAL reviews are to the listening public.  There is little reason for us to kiss a breweries *ss. 
  20. Will Old Dominion suck from this point on?
  21. Pork Slap!


 Beers on the show picked up on Groucho's recent trip to Washington DC...  Purchases made even after being strongly advised against it by friend of the show, Bubby.


The Term "Big Brother Beer" has been stolen with little regard from The Good Beer Show.  All royalties from this show will be forwarded to his Swiss bank account once they are calculated.

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In Stereo! Get your headphones cranked for a couple of tunes on this show. Groucho and Chud touch base on some great performances, play a Mikey Mason song, and let CHUD come unhinged on Charlie Sheen.

Beers on the show: Two Brothers 2009 Bare Tree Wheat Wine.

On the show:

  1. Show Sponsor: Ad from New Castle Brown ale
  2. The Bear Stick!
  3. Love for Two Brothers Beers.
  4. Its a numbered Episode!
  5. Contest is over. We owe a beer to Swedish Brick for his awesome iTunes review.
  6. Send us email… We love doing email shows!
  7. If your beer sucks… Blend it!
  8. Piers Morgan is hoity toity?
  9. Cool to be unkept?
  10. CHUD dont like Firefly… Sorry Mikey!
  11. Guitar comics
  12. The Real Happy Hour returns? Maybe not??? CHUD recommends a podcast?
  13. Niel Young’s Freedom conversation turns into love for the Weld double disk.
  14. Why would we not be drinking the 2006 vintage Bare Tree???
  15. Cigar mouth.
  16. Cigarette bashing!
  17. Aerosmith carb loaded… When did Stephen Tylor get so gay???
  18. Charlie Sheen… CHUD watches TAHM?
  19. Rock stars are lame now… Near CHUD rant!
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Hoopmasters Beer Dart Massacre Extra - Pekin Pizza and the Pub II

Groucho, CHUD and Hoopmaster sit down a marathon beer-fest...  Here is an extra from that were we try to stump Hoopmasters knowledge of phone numbers of the local pizza joints...

Then, we move on to the club scene in Bloomington...  Specifically the Pub and Pub 2.

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The Great Pumpkin Caper Getting ready to brew some Pumpkin beer...  You need a pumpkin first!  Fotunately...  Living the Midwest, they are not hard to find!
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Groucho and CHUD have the privelege to speak with Maureen about her book "Ambitous Brew".

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